Mumbai, 10th May, 2021: As India fights a fierce battle against the pandemic, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Kotak Silk is putting the spotlight on #MomsOnDuty and their steadfast & unwavering commitment to serve those in need. The videos can be accessed here — #MomsOnDuty.

The campaign features two women — one is a doctor, the other runs a home tiffin service. In a tribute to mothers everywhere, the #MomsOnDuty campaign acknowledges their invaluable contributions during such a challenging time, caring for their own families, while serving so many more.

Elizabeth Venkataraman, Joint President — Consumer, Commercial & Wealth…

The RIMS Certified Risk Management Professional Certification (RIMS-CRMP) is accredited by American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and stands as the only globally recognized certification for risk professionals

The COVID–19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on risk management and has led to an increase in competition for risk management positions. To boost risk management education and learning, Netrika Consulting India, a premier risk mitigation company, has teamed up with RIMS, the risk management society® to introduce the RIMS-CRMP to local professionals.

Based on globally accepted frameworks, the course is designed for all business executives with risk management responsibilities and those…

It is said that the basic necessities of a man are food, clothing and shelter. But nowadays one more necessity has been added and that is a cell phone. Can you imagine your life without your phone? The answer is a quick “No”.

Earlier phones were just used to make calls but now with the advent of smartphones, phones are used more for other things than making calls. Infact today messaging each other is the smarter option as it saves a lot of energy & time. It seems as if the businesses are making continuous efforts to keep us hooked…

  • First song from the debut album of music composer-singer duo Abhimanyu-Pragya crosses 10000 streams on Spotify just within the first 50 hours of launch
  • “Kyun Gaya Tu” playlisted on Wynk Music’s two very popular playlists with over 20K followers — New-Age Indipop & Latest Indie
  • The song has been featured on Amazon Music’s homepage under “New Hindi Music” section.

MUMBAI, 28th December 2020, The first song from the debut album of young music composer-singer duo Abhimanyu-Pragya is making waves and within the first 50 hours of launch itself, it has crossed 10000 streams just on Spotify, the global leader in…

ABS has introduced sweets made of natural sugars without using white sugar. The concept is already hit with sweet lovers and health freaks alike.

“Anything But Sugar” is the new sweet Brand which is taking Delhi by storm. Going by the initial response to the Experience Store that came up in South Delhi, ABS is already making heads turn; it would not be wrong to say it is offering something never experienced by Delhi before. Its unique concept of sweets made without white sugar is indeed unheard of in recent times.

White sugar, as your doctor will tell you, are…

Always thought of eating those gulab jamuns or jalebis stacked in a tray in the sweet shop but couldn’t? You were terrified it would make your weighing machine needle swing further right and your personal physician would yell at you. But now here is sweet without sugar. Sounds fun? It is.

We Indians love sweets and they love us back, often in the wrong body parts. And there is something called sugar, the spoiler.

Sugar is sweet to taste but everything about it is bitter –full of harmful chemicals that can play havoc with your health from your tooth to…

Bengaluru, 7th October 2020: Academy for Workplace Excellence (AWE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with JSS Science & Technology University [JSS S&TU] to jointly offer a variety of courses in the discipline of Facility Management as well as Cleaning and Hygiene sciences at JSS S&TU campuses across India. The Academy for Workplace Excellence is a collaborative partnership of Schevaran Laboratories (Karnataka/India), Cleanfix (Switzerland) and Filmop (Italy). It acts as a vehicle to drive innovation and professional excellence through knowledge exchange.

The MoU was signed and exchanged between Dr. L. Jawahar Nesan, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, JSS S&TU and Mr…

Reformation of the country’s institution to protect the interests of women.


Honourable Shri Narendra Modi Ji,

I was pained to hear the extremely bitter news of the passing away of the 20-year-old victim of the Hathras rape, yesterday morning. The news sent shivers throughout as the country was reminded of the infamous Nirbhaya case of 2012.

I must also take this opportunity to congratulate you for taking cognizance of the seriousness of this case and speaking to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, calling for the strictest of punishments for the culprits of this heinous offence. This statement reiterates…

In a time when media itself is under the scanner for drifting away from the concerns of the people and becoming more and more partisan, a webinar was organized by an NGO in Delhi and supported ironically by a media group about the role of media in defending the economy. The topic was “Democracy, media & citizens”. There were some interesting observations made in the two-hour Webinar that was witnessed by seven thousand six hundred and twenty people across the world.

Mr. Gyaneshwar Dayal

“Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. It is a bridge between the government and the people. A responsible…

Kislay Panday, Solicitor, Supreme Court of India is of the view that archaic divorce law must make way for progressive divorce laws which are faster and easier for the good of the society.

With a change in society, marital relations have undergone a sea change. But they are still being governed by archaic laws which have lost touch with reality. “The law of the country should always be progressive and should reflect the changing realities. Interestingly initially there were no provisions for divorce in the Hindu marriage act but they were eventually incorporated, so better faster divorce laws are the…

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